TABS - Presentations

  • Box of Broadcasts

    Box of Broadcasts

    Allows you to search for and watch a huge range of television and radio programmes.

  • Coggle

    Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps. It works online in your browser: there's nothing to download or install.

  • Google Slides

    Create presentations with Google Slides online presentation software. Share, collaborate and get started quickly with pre-made templates.

  • Perfect presentations

    An invaluable tool for anyone with a presentation to do in a class, seminar or in the workplace. Perfect Presentations helps students and professionals gain the skills and confidence they need to give an effective presentation.

  • Link to Popplet website


    Simple, online tool (and app) for creating mind maps and mood boards.

  • PowerPoint

    All Falmouth University and University of Exeter Students with a valid email account have access to Microsoft Office, which includes PowerPoint.

  • Slides Carnival

    Free presentation templates for Google Slides and Powerpoint


    "No magical processing happening here, we use a simple PDF engine to quickly display slide decks. Upload a PDF version of your slides to get started.” Quick and easy way to share and host slide presentations.

  • Link to Voice Record Pro

    Voice Record Pro

    Recording app for iOS which allows you to export, import, rename and edit audio clips.